Expand Marketing Platform for Greater Builder Outreach. Increased participation in a Builder – Realtor outreach program; which will help to expand Real Estate & Industry Professionals access to Builders and Builder Business Development; thus how to best interact with Builders/Developers/Lenders via better communication and industry aligned resources. To have greater market impact via marketing and effects on real estate development, housing and commercial development.
Expand development of builder outreach and of outreach program for and promotion of the redevelopment of existing residential and commercial corridors to facilitate greater market growth, access and revenue generation.
Host monthly Divisional forums on a designated day; to discuss and implement marketing outreach for both Builder – Realtor developmental marketing and a viable vision for the multiple divisional organizational constituents and opportunities in the market.
Implementation of Buyer educational sessions, to increase new construction buyer pool. Thereby having the required economic impact in facilitating BROAC Market Value. Thereby having Builders providing Realtors and Industry partners greater access and resources in the promotion of sales; encouraging greater builder new construction inventory liquidation; for both new construction and resell listings.