I am happy to introduce The Real Estate Concierge. These services are available to you and your family because in our over our combined 45 years of experience, our team has developed relationships with Metro Houston and surrounding areas best in class service providers. We are delighted that you will benefit from our relationships with our red carpet builders and partners!

Over the past couple of decades, advances in appliances and electronics -- from microwaves and dishwashers to smart phones and computers -- have changed the way we use energy in our homes.
Short appraisals often make the wheels fall off a deal. Our team of professional appraisers will help you get an appraisal to set a realistic listing price for your home.
Preparing a home for sale can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint and mowing the lawn, to completely staging a vacant home with furniture and fresh flowers. Whatever it takes, we'll get it done!
The Real Estate Concierge team offers several levels of service to meet each client need, ranging from hourly consultations for simple advice to full service design and project management and specification.
Professional landscaping anchors a house to the site, connects it with the environment and creates a welcoming entrance to a home. Start here to find out more about hiring a landscape designer to help with your
Like a car, your home needs regular maintenance and occasional tune-ups to stay in tip-top shape. Fortunately, you can complete most of the following tasks yourself
Our experienced personal project developers will work one-on-one with you to create a custom-designed outdoor kitchen that blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior. You can choose stone, brick, or stucco fin
The Real Estate Concierge Design Build Remodeling Contracting Team offering the finest in complete home remodeling, design and repair. Whether you need a new kitchen or bathroom, an addition, a new roof or arch