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"Blueprint Dreams . . . Own Real Estate" Real estate comes in all shapes and sizes. Study models, model homes, starter homes, town homes, mid-rise and high rise are just some of the scales I have worked with. Experience in design and construction helps me serve my clients when reviewing surveys and inspection reports. I have a bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston and am a licensed architect in the state of Texas. As an architect and real estate agent I am able to assist you not only with finding a home to live in, I can also advise you on the quality and design of your future dwelling. I am also a LEED Accredited professional (2006), which means I understand the needs of today's environmental concerns. I was raised in San Antonio, but decided to put down roots in Houston with my wife and daughter. I look forward to making your blueprinted dreams a reality in real estate. Native Texan and proud!

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