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The REU show is about the fundamental principles of building, buying & selling residential and commercial real estate. The REU show consists of a panel of real estate, transaction professionals and financial authorities who have a passion to educate the buyer/seller and to reinvigorate Realtor, Builder & Developer relationships in order to bridge the communication gap between them and the consumer. It is a response to the loose ends within the complete world of real estate and finance. Professor "C" of Metropolitan Title, is leading a panel of seasoned experts who are equipping the public with empowering real estate and financial information for FREE. "The Dean of Finance" Brian Striegold, provides knowledge and skill to assist consumers in making effective and informed mortgage decisions. "The Home Counselor" Realtor Jared Anthony, leads the effort to provide strategies in the decision making process of purchasing & selling of residential and commercial real estate. "Dr. Build" David McSween, focuses on providing guidance, planning, support and encouragement for your construction and custom home project you're interested in building. The Energy Producer, Wendy Schnell, decided to diversify her business and talent by entering the energy industry and marketing power to commercial and residential customers alike. Wendy's talents have launched her success in the energy sector. She prides herself on saving her clients money when it comes to energy.

The Real Estate U Team decided to reach the masses and communicate with understanding, patience and a desire to educate the market. "CLASS IS IN SESSION" Are you listening?

Real Estate U
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