Tax Recourse, LLC

Tax Recourse, LLC. is a full-service provider of state and local tax recovery and minimization consulting services, real and personal property administration, and return filing. The Company’s offerings are specifically designed to cost-effectively deliver tax minimization and departmental efficiency improvements to clients through the application of state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated consulting methodologies.

The professionals at Tax Recourse, LLC have been representing the property tax interests of commercial property owners for over twenty-five years. Tax Recourse, LLC is comprised of individuals who are active in the pursuit of property tax relief at local and national levels. We believe in and embrace innovative and aggressive ideas in the pursuit of new property tax savings for our Clients each year. It is our philosophy that just as the commercial market trends are ever changing; the approach to the valuation of your commercial property for the purposes of property taxation, should be changing as well. If you are ready for an innovative approach to your property tax matters, call us today!

Tax Recourse, LLC
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